Summer Camp (8-14 Years Old)

Summer Camp (8-14 Years Old)

This is one of our most popular surf courses. The primary focus is to teach 8-14yrs old surf skills, water safety & environmental education in the most fun way possible. We have two options a 3 and 5 session summer camp available during the school holidays. Classes are 2hrs with all the equipment provided by us. If your kids have little or no surf experience then the Beginner Surf Camp will be ideal – if they have surfed before or attended the beginner course last summer, then the Improver Surf Camp will be best. Each participant will also receive discounts on our hoodies and gifts.


Our vision is to create experiences that will enhance kids appreciation, respect & understanding for sustainable living. Our programme is run in an inclusive, non-competitive environment whilst having loads of fun and is a great way for children to make new friends and engage with their peers.

Beginner Surf Camp: This is great for new surfers. We will go through the basics of beach safety, surf equipment, how to catch waves, pop up technique and much more! We offer a full 5 day course(Mon-Fri) during the main summer holidays which is a great option and gives them plenty of time to practice and enjoy this learn to surf experience. We also offer a shorter 3 day course(Mon-Wed) if you are limited on time. If they are really enjoying the experience we normally have spaces for them to extend to the 5 days.

Improver Surf Camp: Which is also availabel. This is best for surfers that have done a series of lessons before and can stand confidently and consistently. We aim to improve their overall surfing ability and confidence introducing them to paddling further out, catching unbroken waves, turning and discovering different type of surfing equipment.

3 Day Course £90 

5 Day Course £130

Starts May 24th - August 28th 2021

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